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Tool to convert Twitter to MP3 - Download MP3 from Twitter for free

How to download mp3 from Twitter (X)? is a tool that helps you download mp3 from Twitter, allowing for a quick conversion of Twitter videos to mp3. Supports saving and downloading Twitter mp3 music to phones and computers in a few simple steps.

The Twitter MP3 Downloader is a tool developed by X2Twitter. It's the best tool for converting Twitter videos to MP3 online. It supports saving and downloading Twitter MP3 music on browsers without the need to install software.

All you need is a link to the Twitter video, and all the processing is done on our server. With just a few simple steps, you can convert and save the audio (mp3) from Twitter to your device.

How to convert Twitter (X) to mp3

  • Step 1: Open the X (Twitter) app on your phone or open the website in a browser.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the video you want to convert to mp3, press the Share () icon below the video and select Copy link.
  • Step 3: Go back to, paste the copied Tweet link into the input box and press the Download button.
  • Step 4: Wait for our server to process and press the Download MP3 button to save the audio (mp3) to your device.

💡💡 Tip: Add "x2" before "" to instantly download Twitter mp3.

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Why should you use X2Twitter to convert Twitter videos to MP3?

According to user reviews, is the best tool for downloading Twitter mp3. This tool has a simple interface, allowing you to save mp3 from Twitter to your phone and computer easily without reading any instruction manuals.

Our service does not collect user data and also does not store download history. Therefore, using X2Twitter is completely anonymous.

With, this tool will help you convert and download mp3s from Twitter without any issues. We will continuously update to provide the best experience for users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Twitter MP3 Downloader?

The Twitter MP3 Downloader is a tool that supports downloading mp3 from Twitter, allowing you to easily and quickly convert and save mp3 music from Twitter to your phone or computer.

How to download mp3 from Twitter on PC?

  • Step 1: Find and Copy the link of the Twitter video you want to convert to mp3.
  • Step 2: Open the website, paste the copied link into the input box and press the Download button.
  • Step 3: Wait for the X2Twitter server to convert the Twitter video to mp3 and save it to your device.

Can I convert Twitter to mp3 on Android?

Certainly. operates on web browsers, allowing you to convert and save Twitter mp3s on any device and platform such as: PC, iPhone, Android, Linux, MacOS.

Does support iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)?

Yes. However, downloading mp3 from Twitter to iPhone or iPad is a bit more complicated. You need to use the Safari browser on iOS 13+ or use the Documents by Readdle app for lower iOS versions (read the instructions here).

Do I have to pay to use X2Twitter to convert Twitter to mp3?

No. is a completely free application. You can use X2Twitter to download mp3 from Twitter to your phone or computer for free without any feature limitations or download restrictions.

Note: is not officially affiliated with Twitter. It does not host or use any pirated or copyrighted content on its servers and all uploaded videos are stored directly from their CDN servers on the respective users' machines. response.